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China’s booming e-commerce marketplace makes personal loans popular amongst Chinese millennials, and the competition between banks and loan brands is fierce.

Merchants Union Consumer Finance Company Limited (MUCFC Personal Loan), a brand under China’s most innovative bank, China Merchants Bank and China Union, created a new product designed specifically for millennials.

F5 Shanghai created a series of online ads to introduce this new personal micro loan.

The films highlight the 3 benefits of the MUCFC personal loan:

1) Compensation upon loan refusal

2) Compensation if approved amount is less than the applied amount

3) Bonus reward for loan approval

F5 Shanghai CCO Adams Fan explains the insight of the videos: ‘Through research, we discovered that young people face greater living pressures. They are also receptive to content that is entertaining. They prefer crazy stuff, so we decided to convey the product message in an odd way.’

F5 Shanghai went for the unexpected and used humor for their ads, which is rare in the world of banking products. To ensure that the jokes were on point and truly entertaining for millennial viewers, F5 Shanghai tapped top Thai production company, Phenomena, to help create the video series that was unlike any financial product advertisement.

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